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Replacing the display assembly on an iPhone isn’t usually a difficult task, it is however tedious. I’ve replaced the display (LCD / digitizer) assembly a number of times. Prior to creating this sheet I forgot to do something (the mesh screen usually) or didn’t get the screws in the right order. Hopefully you find this sheet as useful as I do. I am up for suggestions on how to improve it (notes, steps, etc.). One of the most important parts of this sheet is the Notes section at the top. No matter how many screens I replace I ALWAYS reread this section and then prior to reassembly I read it again.

Download my iPhone 4 GSM-ATT Screen Replacement Part Sheet sheet here: iPhone 4 GSM-ATT Screen Replacement Parts Sheet.pdf

View the iFixit guide here:

Here are my notes (they are included on the sheet too):
Notes (read these each and every time, it is easy to forget a few of these items):

  • Use a separate clean sheet of paper to do the tear down on.
  • Make sure to put this part sheet off to the side and DO NOT bump it.
  • There is not a spot on this part sheet for the back cover or the battery.
  • In steps 18 / 19 watch for the little rubber piece (it is under the digitizer and LCD cable from step 17).
  • Don’t forget to move the ear piece mesh from your old screen to your new screen (x-acto helps).
  • Don’t forget to peal the film off the back of the new screen just before install.
  • In step 30 you must make sure the digitizer and LCD cables are pulled completely through the frame.