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Today started out normal, sit, code, snack, listen to music. It all changed when I decided to go to lunch. I was listening to a playlist in iTunes and decided I would burn it to a CD (MP3) and listen in the car on the way to eat. No problem, just right click the playlist and select Burn to disc, go. Well, not really. As it turns out more than a few of my music files are AAC files (purchased via iTunes). ACC files won’t burn to an MP3 disc as they aren’t MP3’s. Four search phrases later and I found this: Which turned out to be very similar, it was written for a Mac (I use Windows) and it was created in ’09 (thank you cudaboy_71).


How to burn playlist to an MP3 cd that includes AAC files without leaving iTunes

  1. Open iTunes and select (highlight) the songs you want to burn to the disc (I suggest creating a playlist of them first).
  2. Right click the highlighted list and select Create MP3 version (yes, all of the songs will be converted to MP3 (the originals will remain untouched, these will be new MP3 files), even the ones that already are, this seems odd, but it’s the easy way, you’ll see why in a few steps).
  3. Click the + (plus) sign below your current playlists and select New Smart Playlist…
  4. In the Smart Playlist dialog, drop down the first rule (mine said Artist) and select Date Added (the smart selector will change the rest to is and put in today’s date).
  5. Click OK and a new Smart Playlist will be created that contains all of the files added today (hopefully you haven’t added any others from CD or purchased as they will be here as well).
  6. Give it some name, I called mine “Burn MP3’s”.
  7. If the playlist is sorted by artist it will make folders on the CD, you probably don’t want that. Select Nam to sort by name (the CD will be burnt in this order without folders).
  8. Right click this new playlist and select Burn Playlist to Disc, select MP3 CD and then OK.
  9. Done (keep reading for how to repeat easily or delete all those songs you just added).

Done? Wait! That left a ton of newly created songs on my drive (duplicates of ones I already have)!

  1. Select the new Playlist and highlight all the songs in it.
  2. Press Shift+Delete and yes you really do want to delete them and move them to the recycle bin (they are duplicates remember).
  3. It’s now empty, the duplicate files are gone and you’re ready to do it again.

How to burn another CD of MP3’s.

  1. Right click the Burn MP3’s Smart Playlist you created the first time.
  2. Select Edit Smart Playlist and change the date to todays date.
  3. Repeat steps 5, 7 & 8 from the Burn to MP3 lists and 1 – 3 of the above Done? Wait! list.